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With a name like Carol Bird, it is no wonder she has soared to new heights in the real estate business. One of the leading experts in Malibu real estate, Carol has built her career on her unwavering commitment to providing the ultimate in personalized service, earning impressive accolades including: a place in her former company's Society of Excellence, their highest honor, rankings in the company's Top One Percent of their more than 126,000 agents nationwide and consistent ranking in the Top 100 agents in Southern California.


Now as an Associate Partner in the esteemed Partners Trust Malibu, Carol has the prestige of the Westside's premier real estate firm behind her.

 "I joined Partners Trust just after they opened their new office in Malibu," said Carol of the company that has offices in the upscale and ‘up and coming’ Los Angeles markets. This company is decidedly different.  I am used to working with many executives, entertainment professionals,  CEOs, and developers - the type of clientele who count on you to be as efficient and professional as they are in their particular business. Partners Trust is focused on honesty, integrity and team spirit and on providing the highest level of advocacy, discretion and service in our client’s financial dealings.  It is a perfect fit for me."

  • Carol on the Beach with Her Horses

    Carol loves Malibu!

Now in her 25th year as a Real Estate Broker, Carol met her ideal corporate match in Partners Trust. The company's approach, structure, and reputation resonated with her, as did the ability to be a part of a team of highly nuanced, deeply committed, well-respected professionals.

"Partners Trust offers the kind of environment that really suits me," she said. “It's just exciting to be around people who are stimulating, who bring new ideas to the table, and who encourage a deeper level of service with a focus on reason and reflection."


For Carol, her focus and concentration is on matching her clients with the right house, and/or finding the perfect buyer for their house. She’s known for her superb strategic marketing, excellent communication skills, follow-through, and careful attention to the legal and financial intricacies of her transactions - aspects she can ably manage thanks to her vast experience and impressive educational background.  Her Bachelor of Science in Statistics from Stanford and Masters in Business Administration from Stanford/UCLA helped build the foundation that paved the way for Carol's continued success over the years and are integral to her thriving collaborations with colleagues and clients.


"I have clients’ lawyers who call me to go through all the paperwork to find a way to save a deal," she said.  “And many high powered clients ask me to analyze the financial details of a house or the legal aspects or tax ramifications of a deal for them. I totally appreciate that they trust me and consider me a part of their team."


That trust is built from the very beginning of a transaction, and maintained long after it is over, yielding a great many satisfied clients.


"Over the last 25 years, I have bought and sold houses with many of the top real estate agents in New York and California," said Stephen M. Brown. "But not until I handed one of my properties (and now all of them!) to Carol Bird, was I ever before wrapped in such a reassuringly efficient 'cocoon of capability.’  At a time when so many allegedly 'top' real estate agents (especially in Los Angeles) are little more than charm and chatter, it is a pleasure to find one who not only has the charm (and the chatter) but also a head for details and the uncanny knack of always being able to locate the right buyer - at the best price - in the shortest time."

Added J. Crawford: "Carol Bird is an extraordinary realtor. Aside from being enthusiastic, empathetic, and energetic, she is extremely focused and determined to see that every detail is accomplished thoroughly and quickly. She also has terrific business acumen and can handle the most complex transactions with imagination and creativity. She really goes the extra distance for her clients."


Carol's willingness to go above and beyond and her track record of exceeding expectations applies to every type of client. In addition to well-known celebrities, high-powered executives, and company CEOs, Carol also represents a number of equestrian clients - a nod to one of her hobbies.


"I work with many types of horse properties, which is especially fun for me because I compete jumping horses," said Carol, who also takes dance lessons in tango and salsa  dances the west coast swing socially. “These hobbies are a great joy for me and a great diversion that balances out the rigorous business of Real Estate!”

  • Carol Dancing

    Carol is a passionate dancer, excelling in salsa, tango and West Coast swing!
Carols' client list over the years has also included those who are neither in the spotlight nor share a common pastime, and her ability to relate to them and meet their needs initially came as a surprise.

"When I first began thinking about real estate, I was inclined to go onto the commercial side because  I'm great with numbers, and, quite frankly, I didn't know if I would be good with moms with kids because I'm not a mom myself," she said. "Turns out that the fact that I don't have kids has never kept me from building a great rapport and relationship with a client. Working in Malibu, being aware of the inventory, the history, the individual characteristics of the homes, and the inherent challenges of living here is as important as knowing your client well and knowing their specific needs. I definitely had some misconceptions about what residential real estate was like, but once I got a taste, I realized it is perfect for me - especially in Malibu."

Carol was already making her home in Malibu when she was first licensed, however work commitments kept her from enjoying the city.  "I was a designer and a clothing manufacturer, living in Malibu and working in downtown L.A.," she said. "I had been investing in real estate for years through my mother, who was a very successful San Diego Broker. She would select and manage my income properties. I never really knew the headaches of apartments because I wasn't doing the work, and I didn't know Malibu well simply for the fact that I didn't have the time to spend here. Once I left the clothing business and started my real estate career, I realized how much I had to learn, and how very fortunate I am to live and work in the same place, especially when it happens to be such a fabulous place!"

That fabulous place has provided Carol with numerous opportunities to improve the lives of her clients, as well as her own, within the context of the career she was clearly cut out for.

"I love the constant changing nature of this business and the fact that I get to problem solve for a living," she said. "I eat up complex situations, and I am very patient and clever in finding solutions, I have to apply those qualities daily in the practice of real estate. In Malibu and in many communities, no two houses are alike, and there are multiple issues that often need to be addressed: geological issues,  slide potential, septic concerns and even buried oil wells!  My commitment to my clients requires me to always identify and address potential problems. I'm not afraid to tell the truth, even if it means we will have to keep looking for a house or if it means more work for me in trying to fix the problems. I know who I can call to fix just about anything."

She also knows that with patience, determination, and a willing  ear, she will always find her clients precisely what they are looking for.   "Every house is perfect for somebody," she said. "It's a matter of matching up the two sides. Having the opportunity to take a client's wish list and then produce what they are looking for is exciting! Being able to listen to someone and help them through situations that improve their lives, sometimes by transforming from real estate agent to therapist, is very satisfying. Listening is critical to success in this business."

But anyone who thinks Carol is the soft-spoken, nurturing type hasn't seen her negotiate on behalf of one of her clients. 

"Rest assured, I will use you for all my real estate futures... you are terrific and a tiger on the attack," said one of Carols' clients, the Chairman and CEO of a major television network.

Added Marcia Israel-Curley, founder of "Judy's" Retail Chain: "Carol is the genius of all real estate people in the world!"

It’s no wonder that Buyers and Sellers throughout Malibu, including some of the most well-known, important, and demanding individuals in the world, call upon Carol Bird for real estate services that soar.